Sunday, February 11, 2018

Nau mai haere mai 2018

Kia ora koutou! I feel I have not been able to blog in ages! It's ok, I know none of you missed me. You've all got your own lives and own selves and own families to get on with, I get it. But I missed it. Welcome back to me.

A little bit of a 2017 windback / run down... The principal left at the end of term 1... I was promoted to AP for a term while the DP was acting principal etc... I learnt how shitty a job organising relieving is... honestly, all the teachers out there who organise relievers for their school - I take my hat off to you - that job sucks! I read The Hidden Lives Of Learners, Disobedient Teaching, Empower, Innovator's Mindset... A colleague lost a loved one... I led all the Kapa Haka and picked up all leadership extra appraisals... roll on term 3... Out of the frying pan and into the fire... from AP to leading the whole school with production... welcoming our new principal... term 4 we lost our DP and AP... AND... I didn't mention how crazy my class was? On paper, my class was a recipe for disaster... the amount of learners with extra challenges, outside support agencies... 2017 was an emotional, physical, spiritual and mental whirlwind.

Hence why I haven't blogged properly in ages. For the full impact of the rest of the post, you have to click on the video! 26 seconds of epicness!

(Here's my new class name - Room 14 is "4Team" - bit of a smash up of Minecraft and iMovie)

Retreat 2018 / Pick your own Appraisal pathway

Among many things, our new principal led us through a session introducing a new appraisal system. The thinking behind the new approach came from an amalgamation of Empower, Innovator's Mindset and Katie Martin.  You can read more of this thinking here.

This was powerful for me because it has helped the penny drop on a few wonderings I've been wrestling with for a while as seen here in some posts from 2016:

"So like Simon Cowell says on Idol or Britain's Got Talent, choose a song and make it your own. Let's allow our learners to choose a task and make it their own." @fuse711

Exactly! So the whole "Pick your own learning pathway" was born. I don't know how it's going to work yet. It will work alongside an idea I want to try out from the "Walker Learning" program (see Lytton Street School) where they had a group of focus kids every day. The Walker Learning approach used this focus kid group for something slightly different but I want to use it in the following ways:
  1. Get to know the learner, one on one time finding out about them, building relationships 
  2. Pick your own learning pathway - how can I as your teacher empower you to get the most out of your learning this year?
  3. Goal setting / Assessment gathering
And this will bring us to the end of Term One, ready for review in Term Two. Here is a copy of the survey. Currently seeking feedback and feedforward. What would you add or takeaway?

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