Friday, July 29, 2016

Maths: using rich tasks

cm2 paper
Check for understanding about the maths first.

The letter O has an area of 6 squares.  Talk to your partner about where are they?  Where are the 6 squares? Can someone point out what this is on the paper.

Area: what do we know about area?
- plans of a house
- layout
-Manawatü is an area
- space in the floor
- the "footprint" of a shape

Make sure the conversation in the task is about the maths and not the task.  If you have a question, ask.

Area and perimeter of things.
- defining what is a 2D and 3D object? 

My brother is double glazing the windows in his house. He has got some odd shaped windows in his house. And I was wondering how the window man figures out how much the glass is.

What is the word on here that means perimeter but doesn't say it?
$150, $140, $380, $310, $350, $340.

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