Wednesday, June 1, 2016

JK Lesson 1, Term 2 2016: Discovering

Preamble: People learn more when you work in groups with people who have different beliefs, personalities and strengths
Purpose:  To discover and test a theory that challenges the above statement.  

I thought the 1st group worked really well together, independently.  They all had a turn at speaking and listening.  I predicted that the second, mixed ability group, would be worse because the first group were so good.  However, my prediction was not correct: the mixed-personality group was extremely efficient and they supported and complemented each other’s thinking during the task.

Reflection questions:
Were the tasks too easy? Will the squirrel come into their own when the going gets tough? Do we change the reflective question from makes us more creative to enables the group “collective” to be more creative.
Was the task not creative enough? Did the task lend itself to giraffes?