Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Interview With A Leader

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For some reason, I compare the scene in “Interview With A Vampire” when Brad Pitt’s character, Louis, turns into a vampire with becoming a leader.  Am I a kid raised by TV or what?

After the deed is done, Tom Cruise’s character states the classic line: “Now look, with your vampire eyes”. For the very first time, Louis begins to see the world around him.  

Flashing back to the interview, Slater asks: “What did you see?”  And Pitt replies, “No words can describe it.... The statue seemed to move but didn’t. The world had changed, yet stayed the same. I was a newborn vampire weeping in the beauty of the night.”

This is very much how I have felt this year.

I see the same things but it's different. I am responsible in "facilitating change" but what does this look like or sound like? Do my, previously forthright, opinions count anymore? Am I having impact?

"Now look, with your leader eyes."

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