Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Carol Leadership Session 4

Great session this afternoon!  I am always very energised afterwards.  Carol always seems to open my mind about possibilities and connections.  The connections I make come from all of my life experience: kids, marriage, work experience, music experience.  And now I turn my focus on facilitating change within my work place.  Gosh, it's new and exciting.

We started our session off with this quote:

The most important space in an #mle is between the teachers ears. #learneragency #edchatnz

I've since tweeted this and it is starting to make the rounds of retweets.  It's such an important quote to have in the fore, as we delve into this time of change.  We discussed that innovative, modern or agentic pedagogy is so crucial because educators will slip back into old school, traditional, or easy habits.

The next discussion was around collaboration.  Some of the interesting points we picked out here were that true collaboration requires educators to be inextricably linked; one cannot function without the other. 

Teachers have to go through a phase of "connecting" in the same way as children need to go through the phase of parallel play. It is a critical stage of development before true collaboration can occur.

Giving feedback as coaching. Being open to feedback. "You are doing some wicked things for maths in terms of agency... You could try these same concepts in writing or reading..."

Drip theory: how many drips does one need to gain momentum into a trickle. 

It doesn't matter whether receivers of feedback take on a practical aspect of this or not because it could be a drip that will later on collect together to become a trickle.

Awareness - facial expression (leaky face), tone (leaky voice), email. 

The Power of Feedback: An anecdote of when my principal, David, came to visit the team in Poutama last year.  He was there to observe and provide feedback in how our collaborative learning space was going.  The feedforward he provided to me specifically was hard to hear... (I could make excuses) but the fact of the matter was, that piece of advice was what I needed to hear at that time. The power of feedback. 

To do: more feedback and feedforward between students.

Here is a video I created to show the above levels of collaboration.

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