Wednesday, December 10, 2014

End of Year Appraisal 2014

I am smashing this album at the moment! (Pun intended). It's definitely a blast from the past. Thank you Billy for guiding me through my reflection tonight. :) 

Part 1:

Criteria 4: How do I continue to advance my professional learning as a teacher?

Working collaboratively this year has really advanced my knowledge and understanding of teaching. We are constantly talking and discussing best practice, quality teaching and best ways of organising things etc.

Twitter has also been a fantastic way to consolidate, confirm or challenge my thinking and my ideas. Similarly, I am immersed with best practice.

I am really keen on the idea of changing the title of my job: "teacher" has such a "sit down and shut up and listen" connotation. I've never been that type of teacher.  I believe that learning is something that you have to do; be involved in; getting your hands dirty. It's not something that is done to you.

I therefore like to think of myself as a "lead learner". In my classroom, I am not a teacher but an 'expert learner'.  I will strive to model how expert learners learn, behave and think (attitudes/values).


Criteria 12: How do I advance the learning of ākonga through critical inquiry within my professional learning?

I now have an excellent understanding of assessment data - reading, writing and maths assessments - and I am able to analyse these to design a learning pathway for individuals.

For example, in reading I can use the data from a low word recognition score and create specific goals with a learner around decoding accurately.

Being aware of what learners' needs are at the core of my professional role as a teacher (or lead learner). It is essential that goals are shared with individuals because this is at the heart of being a successful learner.

Part 2: Coherence –Teacher Self-Check

Maths review attached here.

Part 3: Inquiry/On-line Reflections

Bring up your staff blog. Share in detail a professional learning opportunity you were part of that linked directly with action in your class. What did you do?  What was the impact on students?  How did this influence any future in-class actions?  Share the on-line journal entry.

Part 4: Consideration for personal/professional goals in 2015 and beyond 

What elements of your professional practice are your established or emerging strengths?
I feel I have stepped up in terms of developing my leadership this year. My safe-zone person (Jacqui) left at the end of last year and, though I was looking forward to learning more from her when working collaboratively, doing it on my own has been an excellent experience. I hope I have done this with integrity, equity and with mana.  Working with others and 'influencing change' has helped me believe in myself that I can actually do this.

I thought my next stepping stone would be out of RSS, I never imagined that I would win a Team Leader job at Russell Street School. Wow.

I can't wait to move forward with Learner Agency with Joy and with Year 4s in 2015.

What elements of your professional practice require strengthening?
Because of winning a Team Leader position, I am hyper-focused in learning as much as I can and challenging my self to be the most effective leader / lead learner I can be.

What would be most useful for you (with a focus on maths and agency in 2015)?
Everything and anything! Bring it on! Can't wait!