Saturday, October 11, 2014

Prof. Yoram Harpaz: Keynote 1 Reflection

Driving to #ulearn14, I was filled with the feeling of excitement and dread.  Excitement; because I was going to ULEARN14, I would be connecting face-to-face with some amazing educators I have met via Twitter and admire considerably, and because I would be presenting for the very first time.  Dread; because I knew I would feel exhausted by the end of it. Tired, beyond words.

The first Keynote speaker, Prof. Yoram Harpaz, challenged me in thinking what my role is as a teacher or an educator with the sector.  Does my idealogy beliefs about teaching and learning suit the learners I am responsible for?  Or am I just part of a bigger, hidden agenda; to create an ideal student? Does this equip the learner for real life skills to survive in the real world?  Or set them up for failure? 
The challenging idea Prof. Yoram Harpez put forward, was that using a combination of the above "pedagogical sentiment" does not work.  You must choose one and stick with it otherwise the learner will become confused.  I guess I see some sense in this but I intent to trial it before I make an informed choice.  That's how I roll.

A brief reflection, but I enjoyed Yoram's accent, sense of humour and his message.  A collaborative document to contribute to and/or follow during Prof. Yoram Harpaz's keynote speech can be accessed HERE. 

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