Sunday, October 12, 2014

Modern Learning Environments: where learning takes place

Breakout One: Mark Osborne @mosborne01

Mark Osborne is hands-down one of the best presenters I had seen at #ulearn14.  His delivery hits the spot every time.  Has he been a Keynote speaker before?  Because he should.  Excellent breakout!
So he took us on a small journey through Education's 1.0 and 2.0 eras.  If you went to ulearn, or you visit them frequently, you are probably well aware of this journey.  However, it's a journey that still baffles me.  I remember going on my OE when I was 20 (12 years ago... you do the math) and 'hotmail' had only just come out.  Nobody had the internet in Mandurah, WA so we had to drive to the local internet shop and pay $6 for 15minutes of internet time.  It seems crazy how far we've come.

Here's a link to a timeline of ICT events that occurred between 1999 and 2005, based on a reflection on a Dorothy Burt (@dorothyjburt) presentation from 2010.  And look at how far things have come since then! It's truly mind-boggling. 

The point is that nobody actually knows what Education 3.0 will actually look like until probably it's over and we're trying to figure out what 4.0 is.  So Mark led us through this idea:
It was both exciting and frightening trying to imagine the possibilities... So how do teachers facilitate learning for jobs that are swiftly becoming obsolete by automation or that already have?  It was beginning to sound like a quote from The Terminator.  Was I going to be replaced by an automation or Google? Mark brought us back to the quote:

Phew!  I think I'm safe.  Because the world isn't concerned about knowledge anymore.  It's not about what you know; it's about what you can do, or improve, or modify, or change, or simplify with what you know.  
"Education 3.0 needs to be involved with complex communication and 
expert thinking and it's there in the ." @mosborne01 @mrs_hyde

Where to now? 

I am on the right journey!  
- More inquiry; real-authentic-learning of maths, writing and reading through inquiry
- Keep challenging my team and coaching my parents and the wider whanau about futurist pedagogy - Keep focussing on split screen thinking when designing learning tasks or challenges.

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