Tuesday, August 12, 2014

JK reflections

I was really proud of our JK groups lesson today! It was supposed to be about writing but our Learner Disposition / learner agency came out 'on top' . It was refreshing to target something topical and current for us. Good call Elly.

So after visiting Amesbury School in Wellington we were amazed by their igroups: introducing, initiating, independent and insider. We had spent a good amount of time during Term 1 unpacking our version: guided, self-managing, self-directed and self- agency but had not revisited them much during the second term.  It was time to get back into it!

We decided to just focus on one aspect or goal: the learning pit. I had been inspired by a workshop I had seen at Amesbury School, blended with some Stonefields School philosophy. Learners who are within the self-directed and self-agency goals constantly put themselves in the pit because they know that that's where quality learning happens.

We were interested in seeing what task the students would choose if there was an easy option or a hard option: would children take the easy road? Or the hard road? Our observations were very interesting. Take a moment to think. How would your class go? Would you have children that you would expect to only choose the easy option? You betcha! But there were some surprises too!

To introduce the concept of the pit, we included some emotive words that the students marked in some way to indicate how they felt during the activity. They quickly associated that feeling challenged, frustrated, angry even were feelings involved with 'being in the pit'.

So where does quality learning happen? I ask my @tribeoflearners.

In the pit was their response...

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