Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Teacher Only Day Notes

A teacher only day scheduled for Queen's Birthday weekend was a sweet touch! I spent the morning at College Street Normal School, with Ross and Corinne, discussing a range of topics. Some of which were Professional Development, high quality teaching, high quality delivery of the teaching of writing, teacher matrices etc. It was a really interesting discussion and it sparked a series of neurons within me.

We took a tour of the kura and what really stood out for me was the "shared common language" evident in every classroom. Teachers, students and wider staff were aware of the criteria (or what it took to be successful) within each stage or level. There is also the visual scaffolding for children so that they know what to do to get to the next stage or level. 

I feel this is missing from our set up this year (so far). But we are on the money now. Recently, I have completed maths assessments and my maths students fell into 3 categories: Late Stage 5, Early Stage 6 and Late Stage 6. I openly talked with my children about where they were and where they needed to be by the end of the year. Today I ran workshops by opt-in/opt-out where children decide what strategy they need to work on. It was very successful.

Lunch was awesome! And it felt so nice to be home (Russell Street School!)