Wednesday, August 28, 2013

School... AT NIGHT

I consider myself to be a reasonably tough fulla brave guy. Not someone who is scared easily easily scared.  I’ve climbed mountains.  I’ve walked the streets of third world countries, at night. I’ve even chased a robber down the street on my scooter! I can be a pretty tough fulla alright.  

So it seemed ridiculous when I felt a little bit jittery about going into school at night to get some  One night I had to come down to school to get some musical equipment from the back room in the hall.  I fiddled with the padlock. The front gates opened with a scrape.  The driveway grew dark.  The silouette tree’s silhouette loomed intimidatingly over the road.  The moon provided an intense shadow on it’s naked branches; thorny and sharp; making them pretude protrude seem bigger than it they actually was were.  I eased into my car and pretended not to notice.  

I approach the door by the library.  I shut off the engine and my heart begins to race at the sound of silence.  Let’s just get this over and done with I tell myself.  My keys take a life of their own.  I jingle and jangle them to distract myself from this nervous sensation growing inside.  I place the key in the lock. The key turns. I take a breath and step inside.

Dashing to the alarm box first, I key in the code in the darkness.  Beep, beep, beep, beep; beep, beep, beeeeeeep.  The sound comforts me, for a second.  Now it’s gone. Silence once again... Where’s the light?  Frantically, I scan the nearby walls.  Nothing.  My skin starts to crawl. Shudders of sheer terror flood inside my mind.  Who designed this building, people? Where’s the freaking lightswitch? The flood gates fly open.  Shadows sneak up on me in the corner of my eye.  BOO! I look but nothing is there.  My stomach twists and turns.  I have no choice but to head further into the deep abyss of the hall.  Every step is excruciating.

Jugyou Kenkyuu