Thursday, March 14, 2013

Marae Reflection

What an amazing way to begin the year!  I am energized by our team of teachers at RSS.  Tu meke guys - aroha nui.

Assessing Writing

It feels funny looking into writing again.  I remember going through the same process with my previous school at Coley.  You build upon knowledge and experience and now see it again under a new light; you re-see it.

I laughed reading my reflection here 3 years ago because we spent a lot of the time unpacking the meaning of the criteria for level 3 in writing.  For example, we spent ages finding out and discussing what  'verbial phrases' and 'morphemes' were much like how 'lexical chains' dominated our discussion 3 years ago.

This has made me reflect on the "formative assessment" belief at our school, especially in writing.  The truth is, the criteria for what good writers do is huge! It's overwhelming.  I fear that the massive list of things will put some learners off.

This being said, the mini-lesson that Chris Braid taught us 3 years ago works very well.  This is how I have been structuring my writing since then.  I have used some criteria from the standard, whatever the needs are of my learners, and delivered mini lessons.  To read more see here: