Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monologue Tests

We have almost finished our Lorax Monologues so I've been investigating how we might be able to record them.  First we tried the 'Puppetpal' app on the ipads but you have to buy the full version ($6) to import your own photos, then we tried blabberize.  They got it working but I don't seem to be able to play it?  Let me know if anyone has any luck listening to Kayleigh's monologue?  

Now I have just tried the fotobabble app on the ipad to see if that works.  The mouth doesn't move around but you get the idea...

The untapped potential of using the iPads is enormous!  I have really enjoyed the challenge of getting my head around learning, using, learning to use and using to learn the iPads.  One thing I must remember to do is read the 'Costumer feedback' on the apps.  If it's a dud, people usually say it and you can save your money.

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