Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jugyou Kenkyuu Planning Reflection

Today James, Sonita, Rosie, Stephen and I spent the morning together going over the JK form of professional development.

It's a pretty bizarre concept and quite intrusive if you take it as face value - having a room full of teachers critiquing your lesson!  However, after planning the morning together it has turned out to be an exciting concept.

We all planned the perfect lesson, which Sonita is going to teach,  and identified the WALT that her kids were going to learn.  The plan now is for Sonita to do some pre-teaching, then we are going to observe/critique the lesson next Thursday.

I am wondering how well it is going to go?  When we reflect and re-plan the lesson, how much will it change?  Will I be able to assist Sonita anymore in her preparations?

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