Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Call Back Day: Maths National Standards


Hmmm, just had to get that off my chest. During our final week at school each of us got another 45mins release time to go through the sample question for the maths National Standard. Here is the link: http://nzmaths.co.nz/national-standards-illustrations?parent_node=

We had to video the interview with the ipad. Well yesterday, as a staff we analysed our videos. Wow - it was very insightful and I recommend that school's do this as part of their practice.

We also had a Mathex competition to warm up our session. I was with Elly and we made an excellent team; talking and listening to each other. David said he sat back and observed the teams and how they interacted - very interesting. But there were some awesome types of questions. Now I'm not a maths person but I enjoy learning and I enjoy the challenge of learning new things. There was one question in particular where it gave you the answer and then a series of operations so you had to work backwards to find out the number they had started out with. I don't know, I just enjoyed that question.

It took us a while to warm up but then we got on a roll, which really highlighted the fact that you need to have a maths warm up before heading into maths!

After morning tea (which was delicious by the way!!) the newbies were call for another maths task. Each of us had an envelope and inside were shapes that you had to make into 5 individual squares. The rules were that you were not allowed to talk, and that you couldn't take pieces off each other. You had to pass your pieces on to the other people. But it was the group goal that we all had to make a square each. Again, it was a great learning task because one envelope was pre set to make a square that would hold the other people up but not only about maths.