Sunday, June 5, 2011

itips 4 iLife

02.06.11 - iLife with Stuart Hale

I love Stuart's passion about photography, iphoto and macs! This has been the 3rd time I've been to a presentation by SH and each time the intensity is wicked - so it was a great day.

"Hi my name is Nic Mason and I teach here at Russell Street School and I've got a Year 4 digi class. We have access to 20 macs and my skill level is above intermediate..." was the introductory statement everyone made.

We first started talking about Flash and how it is not really sufficient, especially when it comes to draining battery life etc. Stuart suggested we use: "Bashflash" which is a free download as an alternative. I'm yet to check this one out so watch this space...

The Puzzle Analogy
We then talked about how iphoto is like a middle piece of a puzzle and the programs comic life, pages, imovie, and keynote have holes in them for iphoto to fill. I did know this but it was a cool way to put it.

The iPhoto Library Manager
Wow! I need to do this for my photos! It's a free download and it's an application that organises multiple iphoto libraries from multiple sources. So for example, it will have details about your photos saved on a hard drive at home but you can't view them until you plug it in etc. These will show up as a different colour so you don't get lost. I am still organising my personal photos from when I had a PC so I am looking forward to organising them so they are all in one place.

Time Machine
It was here we talked about the importance of using 'Time Machine' on a Mac. I have so much multi-media on my mac that I need to do this! It would be ridiculous to do it all manually again!

Using Handbrake
Handbrake is a free download and it you can use it to convert youtube onto your hard drive. If watch a movie on youtube, go to 'window' then 'activity' scroll down to find the movie it will be a big file. Right click and download. Then open it into the handbrake application and now you can use it for imovie.

Wow, this latest version is great! It's very easy to use so simple for kids to pick up! I am looking forward to using it with my kids. Here is the URL to a movie I made on the day. It's random as so don't ry and make sense of it! It was just playing with the things you can do with it:

Now what?
Buy a green screen or sheet, import all of my music and photos onto my mac, buy a new hard drive and set up time machine and library manager, MAKE MOVIES!!!

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