Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dream, Make, Share

Mark Osborne

Albany Senior High School - no walls!! Spaces for integration, collaboration.

Open source software - free! Uses

Wall wisher
Gimp - like photoshop
Scribus - template for newspaper
Scratch - game programing
Minecraft - creating a 3D structure of their school (paid not free)
Blender3D - hard but can do excact same things as Peter
SketchUp - build a house
Sweethome 3D

Musescore it's not if you are bright it's how you are bright.
AUDACITY - better

Graphic organisers - Xmind

bit.ly/ashselearning - check it out.

Chrome supports apps - angry birds, picnik, art project "street view" virtual tours of art galleries.
3Dtin - stink
cramberry - flash cards about a topic, create, share

jaycut.com online video editing

wikitube - wow!

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