Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Catching Creativity

Mark Osborne
Brainteasers: google goggles - wow!

Creativity is infectious!

You can become more intelligent is by believing you can become more intelligent - Guy Claxton- Carol Dweck.

Nature 50 Nurture 50: na I was wrong -

Growth Mind set vs. fixed mind set

Cretivity Models:
Allow time for creative thinking
question assumptions
encourage idea generation
cross-fertilize ideas
reward creative ideas and products allow mistakes
build self-efficacy.

Mountain vs meadow
Stadium vs mosh pit
The intelligent mind is able to access viewpoints from both perspectives.

Need down time

Ken Fisher

Idea generation - 100 days of creativity why not have 21 days of creativity for kids?

Brainstorming Pros: quickly generates ideas, group . Cons: time restrained, not
New : brainwriting Peter Heslin

The Tinkering School - what can you do with shopping bags?

Impact projects: impact on your learning and impact on someone else. Open ended tasks. wikieducator - possible parody?

Cross pollination - what are you good at and how can it help you to work on something you are not so good at?
VW youtube video about sound effects in elevator and skateboards on shopping trolleys.

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