Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New beginnings butterflies

"It has reached facebook status; i won a job at Russell Street School, digitally enhanced classroom!! 3 unbelievably awesome years at Coley Street but enough is enough - i need to be closer to home. I start on the 9th August - woop woop!"

This was my first announcement to the world, though my very close friends and family already knew about it, but 6 weeks on, I am feeling rather nervous!

During staff meeting we went through our new teacher appraisal system and I need to rate myself on each area of my practice. I remember doing this last year and the year before so it was really pleasing seeing the progress from "yes, I am beginning to do this" to "sweet, I am excelling at this now!!"

It doesn't take long. So despite my nerves and my slight disbelief in my abilities I am ready to kick some arse at RSS and dominate. (Don't worry, these are positive things).