Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Staff Un-packing Session

Yeah, so today I gave my first mini-staff meeting thingie about Laughton King's Dyslexia seminar from last week. I was pretty sure I knew my stuff well and I was prepared and all but there was this split second at the beginning where all knowledge and preparation escape my head totally!

Anyways, a deep breath saw me to the end and once I got going it was hard pressed to keep to the time limit! Lol! What made it for me was that my colleagues were so receptive and I totally got the feedback I deserved!

As for Laughton King, man what a legend this guys is! He's getting his word out there! And the thing is - it makes perfect sense! There wasn't a colleague that saw him that said they didn't agree with him! If you get the chance to see him I would erge you to jump at the opportunity.

Parents, Teachers, Caregivers, Learners; there's something in there for us all!


Check out his webpage.

Now off to band practise - Ciao