Thursday, February 18, 2010

What happens when the world around you starts crumbling down?

It's weird how subconsciously, your mind knows what's going on before the penny drops.

We are week three through the term, and ERO are visiting us. Our DP left us last year and now at the end of term 1, so is our leader and fill-in DP. Our entire management are leaving us, to tackle new challenges for sure but where does that leave us, our school, our community, our kids?

It feels dire.

One side of me is telling me that I have done my time at Coley Street and that it is time to move on. The other side is telling me that this could be my chance to shine; to embrace leadership and ensure a faster ladder climb.

I've been having all sorts of dreams and that is uncanny because I never remember my dreams. The recent is me trying to find different coloured lollies, which match the Key Competencies but there are witches, who are my colleagues, that keep changing the colours on me so I don't collect them all. And I am running and running and jumping to get away from their trickery.

I don't know what it is trying to tell me but something big is going to happen and I am writing this down to say: I'm ready, bring it on.

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