Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dr Anne Davies Inspired Impact 2010

Anne Davis is a Canadian Lady, who is a a beautiful and inspiring woman, I really tuned into her story about when she broke her ankle. When she went to A&E the doctor made the initial assessment on her injury but did not give her steps to recovery. It was her own personal doctor who made another assessment and gave her a list of criteria for her to do to heal her ankle. Therefore, it is not enough just to assess kids without giving them explicit criteria to achieve to ‘heal’ or in this case learn or to better our final piece.
Writing assessment in Hawaii for Year 12 students where they got into groups to read previous essays to find out what is good writing? The teacher was amazing. I'm not sure what school it was.

In summary: Students need to know the destination so well so that when the teacher is absent they can self-monitor themselves.
What’s important so that my classroom is engaging for everyone?
Self monitor your way to success!

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