Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dorothy Burt - Heating Up 21st Century Learning

Heating Up 21st Century Learning with Dorothy Burt
This woman knows her stuff when it comes to ICT in the classroom and she had a really humble approach. Her lecture wasn't all "this is amazing and you have to do it!"
She talked about "Futuristic ideas" which was a poster on her class wall when she was a kid. Burt would daydream about the poster but now some of these ideas are a reality.
The bit which amazed me was when she asked everyone to ponder what they were doing New Year's Eve 1999? This straight away sparked a very energetic feeling in the room while everybody made connections to feel good memories, or maybe not so feel good memories and they've turned into one of those timeless funny stories! But shit, in ICT terms, I had just set up my hotmail account, computers were something that only my rich friends had and you had to go away and wash the dishes to wait for the web page to load!
But how have things really changed since 2000?
  • Airports (especially security!)

  • Blogs – Cameron Slater (blogger)

  • Cell phones Celebrity culture

  • Google GPS

  • Imacs ipods

  • Reality TV (Goodness!)

  • Twitter

  • Wikipedia

  • Y – 2005 – Pivotal change – YouTube

Blog early blog often – Bebo definition: random but interesting.

To be a 21st Century Citizen children need to be 'A Digital Citizen' - to participate and contribute, relate to others Digitally Literate - to use language, symbols and text, to use thinking skills

Dove evolution – a video about what you see on the internet is not always true.


Dorothy said...

Hi Nic, my Google Alert randomly threw up this post! Sorry I haven't responded earlier to say thanks for the kind feedback here. I do hoe your eLearning journey over the last three years has been fun and provided many inspirational moments in your teaching.

All the best for 2013

enine9 said...

Wow, awesome Dorothy Burt! Thanks for taking the time for commenting back :)

Yes! My eLearning journey has been pretty awesome over the past 3 years! It's pretty crazy again how things have changed from the list during your lecture!

I am now finding my feet with using e-Portfolios and enjoying the benefits they provide.

Thanks again