Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What teachers want?

What teachers want - Lyn Ross
9 years of her experience with ICT
Easy practical and achievable!
Not sure if I have come to the right breakout! She is telling me that I need to know how to use my laptop... dur!
Yes! Ok, there is a consolidation stage, which is liike my theme for this ulearn. Plan for ICT... tick... Practise ICT... to do...
I am so lucky at Coley STreet school that we r not starting from scratch!
Software: Photo filtre, Shit!! Cool little microphones with USB inputs on the end! Ci-tech "Easy Speak"
Comic Life Pictures (see photos) making pictures using comic life fonts.
Umagin use for blue screen shots then save it as jpeg, cut out background and place it on another photo.
Poll daddy

This was a great breakout and Lyn knows her shit. She is a PC based master so a bit of a problem with mac vs pc. Check out all of the cool stuff on her school's cluster website

Where to from here? Get into planning and using to use ict (life comiclife and or podcasts etc) this term. Keep going with inquiry wall; her thinking is the same as mine (like my inquiry wall!)

Can I use images and video to connect my learners with the content in which I am teaching?
So far, yes I am. I am using heaps of video to try and keep my learners interested.

Get back on the blogspot; garden quote.

Teachers craving attention, feeling undervalued because they are not being told enough that they r doing well so get sharing and feel valued.

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