Sunday, October 18, 2009

Technology in Schools - supporting the 'tough kids' (special or not)

This breakout was a tough act to follow as I had just come out of the Music and multimedia breakout, which inspired me heaps!!

In this breakout she turned the lights out, which was good and bad at the same time - easy on the eyes but it put me to sleep! In no time I was yawning! But is was an extremely informative breakout challenging me to break down the walls between Ants and I and completing work. If he is completing the work in a different way (i.e. orally or onto garageband) does he have to write down the work? What good is that doing him? By forcing him to complete work am I forcing him to develop negative feelings towards learning?

So, to put my new learning into practise, I will aim to withdraw my need to get him to complete work in the traditional sense. I have also developed a garageband question track where he answers questions to do with what he is reading/watching etc. In order for this to work however, I need to spend time developing the questions and spend time teaching him how to record his answers.

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