Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Researching the unknown - Linda Lehrke

Late... again.


Brainstorm 20. Choose 5. Find two websites for each. If there is not enough information about your topic, choose a different one.

Google: try to improve your search! Why not try the advanced search option? A potential challenge: come up with a google search that only has one hit.




How do we stop the copy and paste mentality?
The cube, the postcard.

Don't get kids to write a report because they will copy and paste.

The presentation is key in thinking outside of the square.

Going beyond the type writer: using images. Is cutting and pasting google images a big waste of equipment with your computer

Ooh make sure the image is facing towards the text so that it draws the readers attention to it!!

Youtube needs to be watch while typing out the information so that it becomes relevant!

Cool, now having a play on pages

Linda was another confident breakout leader. It was obvious she knew a lot of shit! Wicked! I have learnt a couple of really good, practical ideas also some pedagogical stuff too.

Where to from here? Refine my inquiry action-research plan for kids. Teach specific strategies to my children to organise and refine searches etc. Plan for opportunities to get chn to go further than just regurgitate information.

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