Thursday, July 23, 2009

A history lesson

23 July 2009

2001 where we all started... well life at Coley Street since Richard began.  It was inspired by the trees on the bank.  Some said that they would never grow; and here in 2009 the trees are a metaphor; a sign; to signal growth and change.

Est. 1967, Decile 2, Full primary, 282 roll, 42% Maori 53% European

Immediate changes

 - Stopped class interchange - teachers to accept responsibility for own classes in all areas;
 - School newsletter;
 - Curriculum Committees;
 - Intro new communication systems - daily notices, weekly courier;
 - Jackets;
 - New appraisal system: personal goals, self reflection;
 - Teacher only days
 - Behavior Management system.

Property Development

 - too many to list!!

2003 first year of ICT cluster
Pre 2003:  kids switched off to learning.
2004: implementation of Oral Assessment Programme
$8005, 000 + 200, 000 = property development.

The Awakening:

Rich, Mark M, and Jan were almost bursting about Inquiry!  Whole staff visit to many schools.

2005: "Foxton Our Place, Our Space" children realised that they were able to reach adults and change things.  The Foxton pool is an example: $100, 000 to $1.2 million.

Looking for a way forward.

Wow, it was cool looking at the history!  It was very interesting and inspiring to see where we've come!  Where to from here?    

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