Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bill Rodgers Download

Coley Street's behaviour management plan is based on Bill Rodger's 'Establishment Phaze' theory. Having worked within the school now for 2 years it was awesome to finally see how and where it has come from.

Unfortunately there was a car accident on the way there and it made us late. This was the perfect opportunity for Bill to show everybody how he deals with late-comers.

Bill's humour, role-plays and cartoon images made him a captavating and engaging, so much so, I forgot to write notes!!

I now plan to communicate 'calmness', avoid asking useless and unhelpful questions that only feed the attention, and expect absolute silence when addressing the class.

I am not out to 'score' over a child, but to teach them. As a teacher, my task is to constatly focus and refocus my students. Because I cannot control what happens to the child outside of school; diet, substance abuse, T.V., internet use, I can danm well affect what happens inside the school. Afterall, as Bill Rodgers said, "you teach children for basically 1/3 of their time" - I believe I can still make a difference. It could be the difference that changes a life forever.

The best part about the day was when Bill told off my principal and team leader :)