Thursday, May 14, 2009

What about Han Solo?

Here's how I understand Solo:
  1. The Homer: Prestructual - Nice guy but misses the point.
  2. The Bat: Unistructual - You have the bat but you don't have a ball or any other items to play the game.
  3. The Wolverine: Multistructural - Knows about mutants, fights for mutant rights, but is not a mutant.
  4. The Spider Web: Relational - Here's where it gets tricky and sticky, you need to pull things apart, put it in order, look at it closely, compare, contrast, explain and then put them back together again explaining causes, making analogies and relating it to your experience.
  5. The King: Extended Abstract - The Mac-Daddy, El Capitan, Don Corleon, The Godfather - take what you have learnt and apply it to a different situation.  Make something, predict something, imagine and reflect.
There you go, it's a start.

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