Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trevor Bond

This guy was freakin awesome and he really struck a chord with me. It's so wierd how he was there about questioning but I ended up taking away so much about other things. Actually, I did take a bit of everything from him.

The 'pentagon of understanding' that encumpasses all ways of knowing really stuck in my mind the most.  I related it back to my experience of travelling to Guatemala.

Here are the sides (I can't draw them)
  1. Episodic/experience
  2. Factual
  3. Linguistic
  4. Conceptual
  5. Behavioural/skill
My partner is 1/2 Guatemalan and I guess that's where my story begins.  Her mum was born and raised there but left to have all of her children in New Zealand.  I had a distorted 'understanding' of Guatemala based on some facts, behaviours and concepts that I understood at the time.  

However, once travelling there in 2003, I was able to include some experience, linguistic and conceptual knowledge to my increasing fact and behaviour knowledge.

Finally by the end of a 5 month stay in 2005, my understanding of Guatemala was sound as I had developed and combined experience, factual information, Linguistic, Conceptual, and Behaviours and skills knowledge.

This was over about 6 years!  I guess good things take time.

There were so many other points Trevor brought up and it was a fantastic day!  I really enjoyed the sound of his voice; and it was obvious he knew what he was talking about.  

He is someone who I aspire to be.

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