Saturday, October 11, 2008

Learning by experience or learning by reflection?

I have no idea how the title of this post will have any relevance or significance to what I may talk about but I have just returned back from ULearn08 in the Garden City and well, you have to start somewhere. I'll start with the logistics.

Living in Palmerston North and working in Foxton, I was the nominated driver to drive from Palmy to Foxton, then onto Wellington to catch a 9am flight. So it was a 3:30am start to the day to ensure that I could pick everybody up in time. It was dark, windy and revolting really. I got passed one truck spraying up water off the road, making it impossible to see, only to meet another one. This happened about 5 times!

I went with my entire school, 14 of us in total and when we arrived at Wellington Airport,we felt all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, bouncing and beaming with excitement. I don't know if you know many or any teachers but when we get together, we sort of act out or 'play up' to the worst behaviours shown by some of the kids in our classes! Yeah, some teachers are the biggest hypocrits ever! I am aware of this so I try not to be. So by the time we got through several big lines and to the gate, then got told the flights were cancelled! We needed a bit of space from each other :) No hard feelings though.

I'll post this now because the autosave isn't working...

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