Monday, October 13, 2008

Half a day in Wellington

It sucked having to spend a day in Wellington in the crappy weather and all-the-while wish you were somewhere else. But we had to do something?? So Mackers for lunch, then onto Te Papa. I actually felt like a little kid dragging my feet behind Mum and Dad because I was so tired and I just wanted to collapse onto the floor and rest!

Eureka! We found a little possy on floor 2 just outside the MAF container where there were two, playboy-style, coushy, round seats! All four of us fell onto them and lay down for like 20 minutes. Everybody kept walking by and staring at us but we were over it...

But it was here, much alike the great ring Bilbo found, we stumbled upon Ralph, a squishy little soccer man. I guess if we made Ralph have a good time then we could have a good time too.

We left Te Papa and headed for a pub, only to find an up-market bowling alley. Sweet score! But at $7 a pint, instead of gulpng them back, we were sipping them! We killed an hour there (our first game taking over half an hour!) and I was on every loosing team combination. :( We were not going to pay a ridiculous price for beer again and with still another 2 hours up our sleeves, it was decided to find the New World Metro. Without any probs we grabbed a 15 pack for 16 bucks, cruised back to the carpark and relaxed against the van - BLISS!

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