Friday, July 20, 2018

Investigating 1:1 coaching time for Ranginui team

As part of my recent work with Carol, my leadership coach I have been exploring how I might move my team from an operational zone to a strategic zone. In my inquiry to achieve this, I have re-discovered readings that we have analysed during 2015-16. Because this was early on in my leadership journey, some of these readings went over my head... I wasn't ready for the concepts but now having much more experience with scenarios and concepts within the readings they are making much more sense.

The why: taken from
The experience of being coached could be described as professional ‘me time’. It is an opportunity to have focused, non-judgmental conversations aimed at identifying goals and working out ways forward in order to inspire enhanced levels of practice. As a result, professional learning activity can become much more personalised, discerning, collaborative and purposeful, and ultimately has a more sustained impact on practice. The best coaching conversations are empowering, respectful and professionalising – they increase teachers’ sense of self-efficacy and, over time, begin to positively influence the nature of conversations across the school.

The how:
 Working with Carol and using her one on one model, Rosie and I will come into your room for 30 mins. Either Rosie or Nic will take your class for 30 minutes while you enter a 30 min professional learning conversation based on your classroom practice, leadership or any other personal goals you wish to focus on.

The what: 
Choose a coach, negotiate a time.

At the end of Term 3 we will review the effectiveness of this innovation to see whether we will continue with it or not.  I know Lisa Cuff at Whakarongo school has a similar concept they do with all staff. Does anyone else have a similar story?  What were some of the blockers and drivers?

Ngā mihi