Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Differentiation continued...

Are we there yet?

No. We're about half way.


In between, organising camp and holding camp parent evenings, team meetings and supporting the important people in our lives we get to do some teaching!

So where did we get up to? Ah, that's right... the survey.  The results were fascinating! One of the first things that popped out to me was this:

There was almost a quarter of the class who when given the choice to create their own "learning priorities" chose for the teacher to "tell me what to do". One thing that I was not that clear on was the yellow option. I should have provided an example of: "Choose from options provided by my teacher e.g. a Must Do / Can Do list.  And FYI, I prefer to use the term "Learning Priorities" as opposed to "Must Do / Can Do because, well who says you must do or can do anything? It's not very empowering, in my opinion. But if you phrase your question: "Ok, Emily what are your learning priorities this week?" it has such very different connotation.  What do you think?

Next, I looked into this area:

Again, quite interesting to see who chose what.  What would you chose? As a learner? As a teacher? As a leader? Is your preference your preference because it's easier for you? Or is it where you can reach your ultimate potential? Wonderings aside, I analysed my students and put them into this box!

And from this box, I designed some learning experiences around the questions I asked above. Now I need to just point out that some of these lessons were taken from a TLIF I was involved in during 2015-2016 researching into #learneragency

The vehicle we used to develop our understanding and capacity for this was Jugyou Kenkyuu a collaborative form of professional development. So this lesson is the sum of about 8 teachers collaborating across 2 schools to create it! Check out the lesson here: JK Collaboration Lesson 1 & 2.

So the above students formed 2 groups. The Self and Team kids became a group and the buddy kids became a group. Here is the lesson I used to unpack collaboration with these learners:
The idea from this lesson emerged from a leadership coaching session I had here.  Do you agree with the levels of collaboration? Where do you sit in terms of your teaching or learning?

The next lesson I planned is around "being present". For the buddy learners in my class, I want them to be the best they can be: so that means, we need to learn and practice a whole lot of "soft skills" like listening and asking questions etc. I am planning to use some of the coaching questions I have developed through my own leadership coaching courses as a vehicle to develop this. Here is the first lesson here:

I will leave you with the next phase of implementing this concept with this image:
Where, I now want to connect my learners with the people they best receive feedback and feedforward from. For parents and caregivers, I will be inviting them in and leading a presentation around giving feedback.  For previous teachers: how might I connect this relationship so that the learner can get what they need?

Finally, here is the link to the presentation I am going to be sharing with our GATE whānau community: https://prezi.com/view/ZYjYww34NKFZsUeskrh3/