Monday, February 19, 2018

Student Leadership Development Russell Street School - Hautūtanga 2

So the scene is set; the seed has been sown. Now there is just the patient task of nurturing our ideas; feeding them with love, watering them with time and giving them plenty of sun as you tell different people about it :)

Analogy aside, inspiration hit me like a tonne of bricks after seeing "The Greatest Showman" where I couldn't get over at how much P.T. Barnum's life story was a blagh blagh for leadership (can't think of the word right now but didn't want that to be a blocker for the rest of my post!). It made me think of my friend who has just opened a Cafe here in Palmy. She used all of the leadership tools, skills, dispositions and attitudes to bring her vision to life! I also had a thought to contact Freyberg High school, our local high school within our CoL, to see if they could help us out. 

The universe heard my plan and organised everyone's schedule around this impeccably! 

After listening to my friend's talk, we unpacked some of her messages together on a shared doc. It was so beautiful what the kids really tuned into. I was so proud of the connections they made. I was even on the verge of tears...

Next, we were joined by the Head boy and girl and the Deputy head boy and girl from Freyberg. Well, I wasn't crying before, I was now. The leadership messages these young adults shared was energising. Wow! Below is the image that they shared that helped them to remember what to do when you needed to speak in front of an audience. 

A super inspiring morning!  I finished the session with the comment: "leadership is not some sort of magic super power that when we find out about, we keep and hold onto it. As leaders, we need to spread the message around and create more leaders!"

So, spread this message!

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