Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Leadership appraisal chat

  • What approach/role/experience/responsibility etc has had the most impact for developing your leadership capability?

    • Production
    • AP fixed term role
    • coaching
    • appraisals (same people over time e.g. Joy and Suz.
    • Supporting the leadership team in Elly's absence and then David's Absence.
  • What has been your most significant leadership learning this year?
    • Coaching
  • What area do you know you need to work on further in your leadership practice?
    • Coaching for sure but would love to seek feedback / feedforward about other areas where I could improve.
    • Professional Standards
  • If you were to give James, Kelly or Elly a piece of advice moving into next year and their new leadership challenges, what would it be?
    • James: don't change everything all at once. Get to know your 80 year old caretaker!
    • Elly: you have a lot of relationships to build, Elly! Look after yourself in the process of this! Choose a new principal that you will get along with :)
    • Kelly: enjoy! What a great team to be joining. Learn lots and grow.
  • How would you like (or would you have liked for those leaving) next year's leadership work with Carol to look like?
    • What are our other options?
    • I have so valued the group session times where I have been able to learn from others: David, Elly, James, Mel and Eb and more recently you.

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