Thursday, November 3, 2016

Term 4 Reflections from Nic

We had an exciting conversation about timetabling during our last JK session.  Specifically, what impact did timetabling have on our learners?  Was the output (progress) equivalent to the input (time invested to do it)?  Did it make a difference? Was is worth the stress? I don’t know.  Those who it worked for it worked!  These are the highly organised learners who are able to orchestrate the poly-faceted life of Poutama. Those that it didn’t work for...? Well, you can guess, right? The learners who need high levels of structure and routine.  For these learners, the mere act of planning for their own learning was too big. Yes, with time they could have got there, but at what cost? What other learning programs do they miss out on as a result of completing their timetable.  I am kind of seeing these learners as impulsive: however, not in a bad way.  This is how I also “tick” - we have the “jump in head first” and “learn as you go” mentality. So I believe that time for reflection for these types of learners is crucial. “You don’t learn from experience, you learn from reflecting on experience” ― Ken Bain. 

Experience.  Creating a matrix for innovation fund is kind of like this. We have set out to create a matrix but we have come to the realisation that a matrix for Learner Agency doesn’t work.  What we have come away with, is a deep understanding of Agentic mindsets.  We have identified that we have a high number of students operating at self-directed.  It is up to us to create the conditions for which learner agency, creativity and excellence can flourish.

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