Monday, April 4, 2016

Multiplication and division using Bar Models

Today really stretched me.  Like really stretched me.  But by golly, at the end of the session I felt I had a complete aha moment.

This 'light bulb' moment helped me connect the dots between sharing back learning of how students worked out their problems and how to actually do this so that each student has the opportunity to see their next step within the task. Ok, Ive just re-read this and realised it sounds like gobbly-goop.  Put simply, a teacher must carefully select the students to share back so that this discussion is a cue for another learner to go back to their problem to do the next step. Like using the knowledge of the group to inspire each other.

The "first try" / second attempt idea is an amazing idea to show our impact as teachers.  Also, to show a growth mindset.  You can actually see what you have learnt.

It's been a couple of weeks now since Dinah has been in. I am trying to transfer what I've learned about orchestrating the learning to my own practice.  Man.  What a mission!  She makes it look so easy!  

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