Thursday, April 23, 2015

Developing Agency: Art

So as part of my developing agency journey, I tried an idea with art this week.

As part of my theory in action, learner agency or self-regulated learning is based on knowing what your goals are, putting yourself into the learning pit, fostering a growth mindset and failing forward by responding to feedforward(to name a few).

Because it is the 100 centenary of ANZAC we created art that was ANZAC inspired.  What would I normally do, as a single-cell, teacher directed, old-school approach to teaching art?  Find a lesson on Pinterest, get the resources ready, chunk the lesson - do this, then do this, model the technique then let the children have a go.

This sure sounded easier to organise and deliver.  The result?  28 of the exact same pieces of art - colours, shapes, techniques, media.

What I did instead?

I got black paper and white paper, red paper, crepe paper, paint, pastel, crayon, dye, indian ink, charcoal pencils, glue (I think that's it?).

I collected a few examples and spread them around the room.  Then we had a discussion about what artists do.  We came up with this:

- they react and respond through art
- they experiment
- they blend, shade, layer, mix
- they add detail and texture

The result?  Well see for yourself: 28 completely different pieces of art!

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