Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#blennz reflection

Blind and Low Vision Network New Zealand

This was a very beneficial day as I have worked with learners with low vision before but I'd never worn glasses that simulated what it was like to have a vision impairment.  What I came to realise is how tough it is on the rest of your body (ie your neck and shoulders), how tough it is to complete set learning tasks (within a time frame), and how tough it is to participate and contribute in everyday life! I take my hat off to these learners.

In the afternoon, we took our glasses out into the playground and the #blennz people got us to play a game of soccer together.  It was incredibly hard to see the goals, the ball or who was on my team!  After only a few adjustments - (yellow and orange high visibility vests, bright ball and bright cones), could we play this team game with much more success.

I made numerous connections with #UDL whereby slightly adapting the the rules or the timeframe or the task students can still experience success.

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