Monday, September 29, 2014

Term 3 Reflection: Developing Self-Agency

Term 3 has been a hugely successful term for Poutama.  Teaching and learning has really stepped to the fore as we have settled down into a great routine.  I am so proud to be part of this team! 

Wow, it has been a very busy term; Ki-o-Rahi Tournament, Winter Tournament, School Visits, Trip to Amesbury, Jugyou Kenkyuu, Mathex Competition, Northern Cluster Arts Festival, DanceNZ Made, Cup Cake Day, Book Character Dress Up Day, Presentation about Twitter @ , Parent Evening, Inquiry Sharing... Wow!  Us teachers are crazy!! It's all good though, one of these learning opportunities could be the spark that ignites a passion with one of our learners.

We are still continuing to develop "Self-Agency" (see here for a description) in Poutama and one of the major developments we have introduced is the "Learn It, Practice It, Prove It" model. We wanted our kids to make decisions about their learning based on their needs.  We introduced this to trial for our maths program:

Firstly, we had a pre-test to find out what our learners knew about fractions.  Then they put their 'basketball' onto the goal that they needed to work on. From there, learners chose workshops based on their goal and their needs.   We set up practice activities for each goal. Then we created a planning sheet where students would jot down practice activities they completed or learn it workshops they attended.  Finally, children would book in to see a roving teacher and prove that they know their goal.  If successful, the adult would sign off their goal and you go back to the beginning for the next goal. The model was hugely successful!

Check out Aye's explanation of how it works:

Now it's the first day of the holidays and we were back at school finalising our #ulearn14 presentation and implementing a similar "Learn It, Practice It, Prove It" model with writing.  Oh the possibilities!

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