Saturday, October 12, 2013

Downloading #ulearn13...

It all started with some trash talking tweets! I picked this idea from  (the MAGIC lady). I just chose some random tweets from @PalmyTeacher and @CJsymon. This is where my journey begins.

I am so glad I decided to go to #ulearn13. Best decision of 2013 for me. I think I had become a little bit complacent over the last couple of years. #ulearn13 was excactly the kick in the guts I needed to step it up.

This year I steered clear of too many techie type breakouts because I wanted to look at how teachers and schools are using 'Modern Learn Environments' and 'Self-Directed Learning'. I wanted to see the pedagogical transformation from traditional curriculum. It was really exciting.
Ken Shelton (@k_shelton)'s message was loud and clear for me: 

"Behaviour changes when fun is involved.

Inspire, motivate and engage through technology-simply a mechanism for a transformation. Requires direction and action-information is powerful but it is how we use it that will define us."

Each of my breakouts were excellent.  Exactly what I needed to see and hear.  All of them. It got me thinking that if I teach the way I was taught, then I am not setting my kids up for what the future may hold.  Knowledge, any knowledge is at the tips of our fingers now.  Many jobs that require monotonous labour are being done by robots or in 3rd world countries.  So it comes to this.  And this is the message that I want to hit hard in my class this term: no one cares about what you know any more, it's about showing what you can do with what you know.  Each and every presenter inspired me to want to do more with what I know.  

I am really excited about following my passion this term.  In fact, this is probably the most excited I have felt since 2011 when we made parodies.  This has made me reflect on the way we do things at RSS.  Why do we have to have a 'school focus' for 3 terms?  Why can't we have a 'school focus' one term and follow our passions the other 3?  If the purpose is to create effective, life long learners, then I think that more development around these skills is essential.  

I thoroughly enjoyed networking with my twitter whanau and meeting people face to face. Some amazing educators to look out for @heymilly, , @CJsymon, @PalmyTeacher.

Now What? What am I going to action?
- Create learning focused environment
- Develop better support around peer mentoring
- Develop systems and attitudes to help learners to overcome blocks in their learning
- Class Twitter account
- Shared/Collaborative Self-Directed Planning
- Impact/Passion Project Days
- Connect/collaborate with other classes 
- SMILE! Make learning fun! 
- Allow students to "book" follow up workshops with myself and the teacher aide.

ULearn13 Vox populi 4: What will you take away from Ulearn? from CORE Education Digital Media on Vimeo.

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