Monday, May 27, 2013

Writing Release

I am always re-inventing the wheel!  The digital classes got together ages ago and discussed how we might "assess" writing against the matrix.  We talked about highlighting in pages, then saving it to PDF and ultimately uploading to box that can be embedded onto the kids blogs.

This was not quite working for me because I wanted my kids to be engaging with the matrix all of the time.  Creating a google doc means that I am able to share them into their assessment and have the process more collaborative.  I would love to be able to share the parents into the document to make is a 3 way thing.

This list is on my writing plan so I can at any time go to the link off the plan to any student's assessment and make notes, assessments etc.

Anyways, that's my thinking now.  I will reflect deeply if it all turns to custard!


Jacqui (CLASS-e Kaleidoscope) said...

Having your students shared into the doc is a much wiser and practical way of sharing the assessment information. (And co-constructing). We had tried a googledoc at the start and it was being glitchy so we gave up. Yay for Nic reinventing the wheel!
Have you managed to find a way of highlighting vertically down the sections of the matrix to show current 'best fit' level?

enine9 said...

Ooh, hi Jaqcui. No not vertically but you can see by the amount of 'blue' highlighted criteria whether they are beginning, middle or end of that level.