Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Here is a video I made using PowToons on Google Drive.  It is in response to the shared writing sections in the 'Effective Literacy Practice' books 1 - 4 and 5 - 8.  See here for the readings.


James @ Russell Street School said...

Creative response to the reading. Hmm ensuring that you take the successful elements of an existing program and building them into new ideas that replace what you were previously doing is key. Trying to add more and more is impossible.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

enine9 said...

It was really good to see how Jacqui planned for her writing. And great to just hear that when she is working with a group that some members of the group were simply writing while she was working with others.

This term I have set up my writing groups in ability groups and independence - how independent the can work? I have made my writing turn around much quicker as well. For example, what used to take 3 weeks to a month to "have a language experience" plan, craft, re-craft then publish I am now allowing a week.

Monday is setting the purpose for writing, Tuesday - Thursday is workshopping specific groups then Friday is for publishing. The writing is more intensive and therefore, kids are getting more milage out of it.


Chris Symon said...

Nice bro. So relevant to keep reflecting and refining esp as we head through our J.K th year. Reading this has helped to reinforce some ideas and explore some new ones. The pow toon is choice. Very creative. I think it is crucial the students have a high leave of modelling to set them up for the rest of the process. Working with shared writing with my inquiry group has helped them to strengthen and develop their own writing skills.

nmasonrss said...

Chur bro! Thanks for your comment - I love shared writing as it provides a model for all learners. Keep up the conversation!