Monday, October 22, 2012

Holiday Project: Cubby House made out of Pallet Wood Part 1

Running cost:
- $15 for trailer hire
- 16 pallets from Countdown - Free!

Phase One: The Frame
I had to break up 4 pallets to get the right amount of wood to make the frame.  I didn't really have the right tools at this time - the nails I had were too small!  I'm pretty sure the frame was just balancing up for the photo haha!
Phase Two: The Back
After talking to a few builder friends I was introduced to these screws (not sure of the official name!).  I bought an attachment for my drill and I was away.  I fixed up the frame during this time with a few extra long screws, then did the back.  I don't know if the pallet wood was too hard or my drill was not very powerful, but I found that it was best to drill a hole before putting in the screw.
Running cost:
- Yoghurt container full of screws = Free!

Phase Three: Windows and sides (and back again!)
I was well on a roll by now, I had been given some extra bits and pieces like a builder's belt with pencils, levels, rulers and a tape measure.  I measured up the windows and cut all the wood to size.  I measured and marked all the drill holes and pre-drilled holes where I wanted them.  Zoom, zzziilll, zoom, in went the screws with ease.  It was a masterpiece.  I therefore decided to go back to the back to fix it up the back because I knew I could do better.
Phase 1 - 3: Help
What would I do without my special helper who sat on the wood while I was cutting to keep it steady and who brought me screws and nails when I needed them?
Phase Four: Front and sand
I put a beam for the door and attached wood on the bottom.  I hammered in a bit of a ledge for the ice cream shop games!  Then it was noise time!  I fired up the belt sander and gave it a good going over.

Now what?
I need to figure out how to make a triangle frame for the roof.  I need to buy or find some corrugated iron for the roof.

These are a few of the other projects I am slowly chipping away at:

Toy Box
Wall shelf
Outside coffee table

But now, it's back in Term.  Part Two will get underway in 8 weeks and two days!


Richard Catriona Hyde said...

what a mental idea...shall be on the look out for pallets

nmasonrss said...

Hey Richard! Let me know how you get on!

Alex MacGregor said...

Awesome idea, inspired to start this with our 2 little ones. Pallet collecting time begins.