Monday, October 22, 2012

Holiday Project: Cubby House made out of Pallet Wood Part 1

Running cost:
- $15 for trailer hire
- 16 pallets from Countdown - Free!

Phase One: The Frame
I had to break up 4 pallets to get the right amount of wood to make the frame.  I didn't really have the right tools at this time - the nails I had were too small!  I'm pretty sure the frame was just balancing up for the photo haha!
Phase Two: The Back
After talking to a few builder friends I was introduced to these screws (not sure of the official name!).  I bought an attachment for my drill and I was away.  I fixed up the frame during this time with a few extra long screws, then did the back.  I don't know if the pallet wood was too hard or my drill was not very powerful, but I found that it was best to drill a hole before putting in the screw.
Running cost:
- Yoghurt container full of screws = Free!

Phase Three: Windows and sides (and back again!)
I was well on a roll by now, I had been given some extra bits and pieces like a builder's belt with pencils, levels, rulers and a tape measure.  I measured up the windows and cut all the wood to size.  I measured and marked all the drill holes and pre-drilled holes where I wanted them.  Zoom, zzziilll, zoom, in went the screws with ease.  It was a masterpiece.  I therefore decided to go back to the back to fix it up the back because I knew I could do better.
Phase 1 - 3: Help
What would I do without my special helper who sat on the wood while I was cutting to keep it steady and who brought me screws and nails when I needed them?
Phase Four: Front and sand
I put a beam for the door and attached wood on the bottom.  I hammered in a bit of a ledge for the ice cream shop games!  Then it was noise time!  I fired up the belt sander and gave it a good going over.

Now what?
I need to figure out how to make a triangle frame for the roof.  I need to buy or find some corrugated iron for the roof.

These are a few of the other projects I am slowly chipping away at:

Toy Box
Wall shelf
Outside coffee table

But now, it's back in Term.  Part Two will get underway in 8 weeks and two days!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Replacing an Iphone Screen

So I found an iPhone 4 on trademe with a smashed up screen for $15 (starting bid).  Thought I could see if I could replace the screen myself... woah!