Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Artful thinking

I was really impressed by what Maryland Middle School were doing in this video.  I love the arts and I love learning within the arts.  It's kinesthetic and visual and suits my learning style really well.  

It reminds me a bit of our school where creativity and being creative is at the fore.   Teacher's have known for ages that hands-on learning works better for all learners - I still wonder why so much of schooling is the way it is.  There's some cool examples here like a science lesson might have "students choreographing a dance using locomotor and nonlocomotor movements to demonstrate their understanding of rotation versus revolution of the planets." Or a maths lesson might have "students learning fractions by examining composition in Warhol's Campbell's soup paintings."

I wonder how learning might look like if I didn't have small blocks of learning followed by another and another; writing, then reading then maths, then inquiry... What if we did an intensive unit of work until it was finished?  Does practicing something everyday help in the long run?