Friday, August 24, 2012

This week we completed the second cycle of JK with an Amazing Race!  It fitted very nicely with our WALT: testing a hypothesis of what success is.  My students had to complete a range of tasks, take videos or pictures of the finished piece and upload them onto a Keynote on the iPad.  It was a lot of fun!

This was a perfect lesson for my class!  It was obvious from the lesson that I had designed the learning so that the children were able to connect to the characteristics (some easier than others) of being successful.  Yuss!  Big tick for me. 

I was looking forward to seeing the lesson in action again so was disappointed when things didn't work out to check out Rm3's lesson.  But I was able to have a look around and observe the race in action and check out the reflection part at the end.  They did a PMI and I was really impressed with the reflective comments that the Room 3 kids made about the experience.

I had all sorts of problems trying to upload the keynotes onto youtube.  The videos  would only play sound off the first video on the slide.  I googled it and apparently this problem happens when there's more than one video on your keynote.  So I had to make a video on imovie.  Band is 'Bad Rabbits' - totally awesome funk/rock band!

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James @ Russell Street School said...

What a cool sample of learning. I love the reading with expression and the music creation. Having strong student reflection on the learning would be interesting also.