Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NZ's Most Inspiring Teachers

I received a phone call today to say that I have won $1000 worth of stationary from Warehouse Stationary because I've been nominated as the Top 30 (out of over 1100!) most inspiring teachers in New Zealand!  Wow, that's pretty crazy!

This is yet another 'good news' message that's come my way since the last half of the year.  My partner said to me that my school is so lucky to have me, but honestly I think I am lucky to have the school.  Or maybe a good combination of both.  

If you hadn't heard, my class blog Despicable3, came runner up in the 2011 Interface Best Blog Award!

Yes, and today is my 30th Birthday!  2011 continues to be a fantastic year!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Plan A... er... B

One week earlier I was all locked in for my first choice of Year 3/4, digital class... but you never can tell what's just around the corner. A colleague announced that they are leaving so I am filling his spot... Year 5/6, non-digi...

My immediate feeling was like WOW! But now I am starting to get used to the idea. It is pretty cool to be acknowledged for my behaviour management skills (thanks Coley and Bill Rodgers!). All of my resources are pretty much for Level 3. On the other hand, I was looking forward to consolidating my learning at Year 3/4 because I have only had 5 terms with this level. I am just getting to really suss it out however, they are almost Year 5 now.

Another plus is that I am going on Camp in Term 1!! I love camp! Helping kids to take risks in Outdoor Education at the beginning of the year is great, everyone starts on 'Common Ground' - it's the perfect "Learning Community" unit.

Also, leading the leaders of the school is exciting. It will keep me in touch with Kapahaka leaders and music kids etc. I'll be more connected...

Yes, it will be an EXCITING change