Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Message from Nic

Message from Nic

Wow! What an amazing term? It has definitely finished on a high because of our Production. All of the comments your parents have given you on your ePortfolios are all so positive and full of praise! You were fantastic, absolutely fantastic! It was a very special moment for me to be able to sit back during your performance and watch all of you performing with such focus and passion. Well done!! (And I apologise that I forgot to put on the smoke machine... again!). What a feeling - I was so proud of you all!

What about your Music Videos that we created this term? They are really awesome - and you all worked so hard to complete them. They will be something that you will treasure and look back on in years to come and you can say "Yeah! I made a music video!"

We have learned about Problem Solving and finding fractions of a set for maths. We began learning about tessellating patterns with geckos.

It snowed in Palmerston North and we captured this moment by taking photos and writing stunning creative stories about the experience. Millie brought in some Kelp and we wrote suspenseful stories using descriptive words about the kelp to describe an alien creature attacking you. We will finish these next term.

We extended our pastel skills and created an underwater tropical coral scene for our calendar art. There were some amazing completed pieces and they look stunning on our wall! Parents please make sure you purchase your child's calendar art from the office!

We have been practicing visualising, self-monitoring and inferring meaning when reading. Also, we have been learning about looking at a situation from "other people's viewpoints". One group worked with Suzanne and learned about the human body and another group looked at problems in the school that they could improve or fix - this is called 'problem-based learning'.

Like I said above, WOW! You rock D3! What an amazing bunch of people you are!? Have a really good break over the holidays, be nice to your mum and GO THE ALL BLACKS!!

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